Calling ALL Purpose & Mission Driven Women who are ready to increase their profits, have greater impact and fulfillment in their life and business.


The Woman Christian CEO Leadership Academy is a program that will teach how to run a successful business & not the business running you.

The Woman Christian CEO Leadership Academy is for coaches, speakers, authors & ministry leaders who is ready to transition from an expensive hobby to building a consistent profitable business.

The Woman Christian CEO Leadership Academy is a community NOT only about entrepreneurship, but this is about you stepping out and doing what God has purposed and chosen for you to do in the world. In this community, we are in the business of transforming lives.


You will learn how to:

Create a Six Figure + business model that will build community & create consisted income.

Do your own book compilation & conferences.

Create your own membership programs.

Use Videos & Social Media to build credibility, visibility & influence while building your brand.

Set up & build your back office legally with the right tools & resource to create systems and order.

Write a chapter sharing your expertise & journey as CEO & Entrepreneur

Repurpose your content and create additional stream of income.

Launch Your Own Podcast Show

This community is NOT only about entrepreneurship, but this is about you stepping out and doing what God has purposed and chosen for you to do in the world. In this community, we are in the business of transforming lives. We are called, chosen & on a mission to serve mission purpose-driven women who are ready to shift and bring their message to the world by packaging their talent, knowledge, expertise and show up unapologetically in the marketplace.


CEO and Founder of The Woman Christian CEO Life Coach School & Entrepreneurial Center for Women. I have been in business for ten years and helping other amazing women along the way. I understand your struggle trying to build a profitable business, finding the right community for support and encouragement, making sure you are staying in alignment with God's plan for your life & business. That is why I created this virtual community. A place to birth your dreams, get tools & resources to build a profitable & thriving business, grow spiritually and build a relationship with God. This is your moment, your time to RISE, join this community and your life will change! Invest in your next LEVEL!

Exclusive Leadership Academy Client Benefits

Join the VIP Leadership Academy and get instant access to resources, tools and guidance to elevate you
to your next level of success.


1-Full Day Planning Session for Profit

3 In Person Full Day Live Mastermind Sessions.

Monthly Accountability Calls


Attend all Intro workshops at no extra cost

Business Resources Center including training recorded previous events & informational guides & workbooks.

The Woman Christian CEO Yearly Planner

Flash Drive that includes all your contract & forms to set up your business properly

Book Compilation:

Professional Photo Headshot

10 Copies of your book

Online co-author profile on the book website.

Electronic 3D Cover Image to promote the book.

Speaker & Book Release 2-Full Day Annual Expand Your Life Coaching Summit

This virtual community was created just for you!


Coaching & Mentorship

A place to birth your dreams.

To Have Support & Encouragement.

To get tools & resources to build profitable & thriving business & ministry.

To grow spiritually & build a closer relationship with God.

Community, a Tribe that gets and understand YOU!


INVESTMENT IS ONLY 12 Payments of only $300

VIP Leadership Academy is SOLD OUT
Enrollment Now Open!

Amazing Women Who Answer the Call…

“Before participating in the "It's My Time To Rise" Program, I really didn't have a direction for my business. I knew I was called as an entrepreneur, but I didn't know how where to start.

Sheya Chisenga not only helped me to see my path clearer, but she holds me accountable whenever I allow lack to fester *which because of her, it seldom happens) My confidence has risen because Sheya has given me the blueprint for identifying the people I serve, packaging my services and marketing myself.

With the knoledge and confidence I'm gaining from Sheya, I expect to earn more money (doing what I love and called to do) as an entrepreneur than I did working full-time (and up to 16 hrs a day) for someone else. I am forever grateful to God for placing her in my life, and I look forward to working with her for a very long time.

My advice for anyone thinking about enrolling or participating in Sheya's program, GO FOR IT! You will not regret it, and Sheya will change the game in your life. My gain surpassed my investment and so will yours! Thanks again Sheya Chisenga for doing what you do!”

Rachel Edwards
Founder of Women of Virtue Org

“During the SHE BELIEVED Program, I received one on one as well as group training on how to not only brand my business, but she gave me extensive training on how to build my business and make it profitable. I was not always happy with the amount of accountability Sheya held me to, but it was something that I needed to push me out of my comfort zone! As a result, in investing in myself, through the SHE BELIEVED PROGRAM, I am now a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach. I am not only an author of one book but two!
Not only that, but through the SHE BELIEVED PROGRAM, I am now the CEO of my business which is BREAKING FREE WOMEN’S MINISTRIES! My clientele is growing tremendously, and I know without the state of the art training of the SHE BELIEVED PROGRAM, I could not have taken my business to the NEXT LEVEL! I am so glad I invested in ME, and I am so glad SHE BELIEVED! Thank you Sheya! ”

Coach Chyrena Brown

“Sheya's Coaching has brought me to the very next level. Before participating in her program, I had a tug in my heart for greatness but didn't know where to start. I followed up with her, and I exploded into my new dimension of purpose.
During her program, I received steps in establishing my business Life Changers Consulting. I was able to narrow down my focus and zone in on my niche clientele and purpose in the marketplace. A significant part of her coaching was helping me understand my worth and value to determine the cost of my services. Finally, to top it off I have become an author who has expanded my platform tremendously, launched my signature coaching program and created a book compilation to help others also become authors.
As a result, I have expanded my clientele and expanded my profits within one year by 100%. Sheya is truly a blessing, and I am thankful for her gifts and abilities as well as believing in me.”

Dr. Jackie Evans Phillips


INVESTMENT IS ONLY 12 Payments of only $300

Enrollment is Now Open!

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